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Anodized aluminum

Veneered aluminum

Profile do glazury i terakoty


Bathrooms, bathing rooms and kitchens are rooms where ceramic tiles, gres tiles or natural stone dominate the walls and floors. Aluminum profiles are used to decorate them. In addition to the decorative function, they sometimes also play a more prosaic role: they hide the unevenness of the substrate or tiles and protect the internal and external corners of the glaze against damage


Aluminum finishing strips

The product offers include joint profiles, the main task of which is to mask the gaps and unevenness between ceramic tiles. These strips also successfully fulfill a decorative function. They are available in widths of 13, 18 and 26 mm. An important part of the offer of aluminum profiles for tiles are edge profiles - straight and oval, offered in heights of 8, 10 and 12 mm. They protect the tiles against damage and are also used to mask the irregular edges of ceramic tiles. They can be used wherever the perfect cutting of the tiles at an angle of 45 degrees is not possible.


The collection of profiles also includes ramps that connect gres tiles with carpets, both semicircular and flat - thanks to them, the height difference between these materials is eliminated. Depending on the preferences of investors, the offer includes both semicircular, oval and flat stair strips.


The edge profiles are made of anodized aluminum and electropolished aluminum. There is also a practical stair corner strip with rubber (you can choose the color of the rubber black, gray or brown). Stair angles are an effective protection against slipping, and also protect the glaze surface against damage.


Aluminum tile profiles with external and internal endings are available in various widths (from 7 to 13.6 mm). With their help, you can effectively and quickly create complex interior designs, and thanks to the finishing elements, the profiles fit very well into the whole room.


The offer includes various colors - gold (on request), silver (on request), silver - polished (on request), smooth inox - (on request), brushed inox (on request), champagne (on request), black - (on request), polished (on request), the most popular of which is the natural shade of aluminum.


PVC finishing profiles

The product offer includes a range of finishing profiles used in bathrooms and bathing rooms. It includes the P53 edge finishing profile, the P61 table top trim and the right or left P61 endings. They provide a perfect seal for the ends of ceramic tiles. At the same time, they protect their edges against damage and play a decorative role.


The range of products also includes the self-adhesive P56 universal profile in white with accessories, which ensures perfect insulation of connections between sanitary appliances and a wall or tile. Its length is 3.4 m, it is available in two heights, 40 or 60 mm - to choose from. The profile makes the combination of elements look very aesthetic, and additionally has important practical functions. Its use prevents stains and effectively prevents the formation of mould.