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Anodized aluminum

listwy przypodłogowe effect multi

Why do we use skirting boards?

The skirtings have two important functions in the interior: decorative and practical. The purpose of the skirting board is to cover the gap that forms between the floor and the wall, and to protect the wall against damage, dust and other contaminants. In addition, they also allow you to hide electrical wires or cables. Depending on the preferences and lifestyle, with the help of skirting boards, we create and define the space in our interiors.


Which skirting board to choose?

 When choosing skirting boards, we very often follow the color of the floor. This practical solution has many advantages, i.a. optically enlarges the interior. However, for some types of wooden floors (especially those made of exotic wood) or laminates (e.g. with fanciful, original shades of wood), it is not always possible to perfectly match the color of the skirtings. In this situation, it is worth remembering about an interesting alternative, consisting in the use of aluminum profiles. This quite bold move pays off as a very interesting end result. The profile, which does not match the other elements, most often takes on a decorative character, it is perfect especially for modern or minimalist interiors. Other decorative elements, perfectly color-matched to the skirting boards, will help to achieve the desired effect.

Aluminum skirting boards (Q63)

 The proposal is intended primarily for people who appreciate minimalism, elegance inherent in simplicity and a modern style of interior design. Aluminum skirting boards are available in eight colors: silver, gold, champagne, bronze, black and plain or brushed stainless steel. The Effector company offers Q63 self-adhesive skirtings with dimensions of 168 mm (width) x 40 mm (height) x 2.7 m (length). Aesthetics, available accessories for the assembly of these profiles, such as endings, connectors and internal and external corners, as well as high quality of workmanship, make them often used in residential premises and public utility interiors.

PCV Skirting Board (EFFECTA And Classic)

The offer of EFFECTA and Classic skirting boards is a universal proposal of profiles made of PVC. They are used to cover the expansion gap between the wall and the laid floor (especially of laminates and LVT floors). The skirtings are an effective protection of the wall against dirt or damage, e.g. when cleaning at home. Flexible edges of the profile perfectly adhere to the surface of both the floor and the wall, thanks to which the surfaces are smooth and even. Profile seals effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and other dirt. On the other hand, in the decorative part of the skirting board there is a pull-out strip that covers the spacious, internal compartment that allows you to hide the bundle of cables.

The CLASSIC skirting board is characterized by a height of 50 mm, a length of 250 cm and a dilatation (i.e. depth) of 25 mm. In turn, the dimensions of the EFFECTA skirting board are 62 mm high, 250 cm long and 21.5 mm deep. The offer of CLASSIC skirting boards includes 20 colors of profiles, the colors of which correspond to the current market trends. The color palette of EFFECTA profiles includes 10 fashionable, most attractive colors today. Profiles are available with accessories such as endings, connectors, internal and external corners. The skirtings can be installed traditionally, i.e. with screws or a glue intended for this purpose.