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Mounting method


Anodized aluminum

Veneered aluminum

Wood Look


Kątowniki - kątownik


Angles made of aluminum and PVC are widely used, primarily in the field of interior design. Profiles of this type can be combined with each other because they are light, durable, practical and easy to install, and their use does not require specialized tools.


Finishing of the stairs

One of the most popular applications of angles is the finishing of stairs, which is fundamental for their safe, long-term use. We use these profiles when building or renovating stairs. Aluminum angles are resistant to corrosion, so they can be used outdoors without concern, exposed to moisture, UV radiation and other unfavourable weather conditions. Our offer includes a wide selection of angles with various designs and finishes. There are also angles with a non-slip PVC insert (a rubber insert provides additional protection against slipping). Aluminum angles, as well as those made of PVC, are perfect both inside and outside buildings for various purposes - especially in facilities particularly exposed to intensive use.

Carpet angles

We also have a group of angular profiles for carpets and rugs, which enable the aesthetic attachment and finishing of these surfaces.

Available colors

Anodized aluminum profiles are available in the following colors: gold, silver, champagne, bronze, inox, olive and black. A very wide range of strips is available in aluminum and veneered PVC, resembling the grain and color of wood. Thanks to this, you can choose veneered profiles in the colors of wood from light and natural species, such as pine, white pine, maple, various shades of beech or oak, to dark brown shades of wenge, ebony or chestnut.


The products are available in standard lengths from 0.8 m, through 0.9 m and 0.93 m up to 1.8 m and 2.7 m. 1.2 m and 3.6 m long profiles are made on special request.

Mounting methods

One of the characteristic features of Effector strips are the various forms of their assembly. Profiles mounted on self-adhesive tape and glue rollers are particularly popular. The decorative surface of the profiles remains intact with all these fixing methods, guaranteeing the highest aesthetic and practical values. It is also worth mentioning the silicone seals applied to the wings of the strips, which prevent dirt from getting under the strip and increase the comfort of its use.